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TriggerPoint Software

TriggerPoint is the #1 software product for Party Wall professionals.

It enables the creation of all your party wall documents in a fraction of the time it usually takes, and time saved means costs are reduced.

All our documents conform to the recommendations provided by the industry’s advisory bodies including the RICS, Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors & the Pyramus & Thisbe Club.

Our no-repeat system means you never need to type anything twice and a single entry of address and owner details will generate every document you need.

The TriggerPoint user platform was designed by award-winning software developers and as a result our customers enjoy the simple, logical functionality.

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Tailor-made content

We appreciate that surveyors may prefer to use their own terminology in some of their party wall documents, so our latest development enables us to import your own content into several key documents, eliminating the need for editing.

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Key Features

  • Single entry of owner details provides all the documents you need.

  • Notices prepared in minutes, regardless of the number of adjoining owners.

  • Notices, acknowledgements and awards conform to the latest requirements for the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

  • Choose from 12 award templates to suit a variety of works and appointment types.

  • Documents output in Word format to enable easy editing (if required).

  • Automatic follow-up reminders.

  • Fully supported free trial for up to 6 jobs.

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TriggerPoint is a cloud based software tool designed by party wall professionals for party wall professionals