Experience you can rely on

Years of experience in Party Wall surveying shaped the functionality of TriggerPoint Software

A software solution for Party Wall Surveyors, crafted by experts

TriggerPoint software was created by Chartered Surveyors with thousands of party wall jobs between them. All our documents conform with the requirements of The Party Wall etc. Act and its associated clubs and advisory bodies. Amendments and tweaks suggested by our customers and opposing surveyors have been incorporated into the templates so that in essence, TriggerPoint has been crafted and shaped by scores of experts in their field.

Designed by award winning Software Developers

The Tech Company responsible for the architectural design of our software are at the forefront of innovation in software development. Having received an enviable repertoire of awards including The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, TriggerPoint Software was built by the best in the business, and it shows!

Why was TriggerPoint Software created? To solve a problem…

Chartered surveyors who practice Party Wall work are well aware of how time-consuming the preparation of Notices, Acknowledgements and other documents can be, due to the repetitive nature of the content. Having to repeat owner names and addresses throughout documents means that even if you’re using mail-merge or copy and paste, proof reading the documents still takes up considerable time, and where several adjoining owners are involved it can take hours.

TriggerPoint solves this by providing chartered surveyors with an automated application, reducing production time whilst maintaining accuracy.

Generate accurate party wall notices and letters in just a few clicks

Our motto is ‘Never type anything twice!’. TriggerPoint’s automated software generates accurate information for your party wall agreements to ensure this. We take a single entry of owner names and addresses and apply the information across a full range of party wall documents so that you can generate perfectly accurate forms, letters and awards in just a few clicks.

Focus on the works and simplify the document preparation

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